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THOR Photobiomodulation Therapy for Wound Healing


I am a tissue viability clinical nurse specialist at Harrow Primary Care Trust. You kindly lent the District Nurses one of your units to try for one of their patients.

Being perfectly honest, we all were very sceptical about the product, but now we have to eat our words.

The girls have been using it for over two weeks now and so far it looks very promising. The patient's pain has improved dramatically. Prior to initiating the treatment she would not allow anyone to touch her legs even to clean them. Now she is actually helping with the the dressing changes. The district nurses are also planning to reduce the number of visits from daily to alternate days, as exudate levels decrease. The bed wound is now 100% granulating tissue.

The success of this individual patient's experience with this therapy has amazed everyone so much that there is talk of either purchasing or renting a unit.

I have been asked by my manager to write a business plan to put before the board to ask for monies to fund this.

Sylvia Leonard

Trauma and Related Services
Glasgow Royal Infirmary
Department of Orthopaedics
Glasgow Royal Infirmary Hospital

Dear James,

Thank you for agreeing to loan the laser unit to the department.

We have predominately been using the light intensity aspect of the unit for wound healing, in particular on one patient who has shown remarkable improvement over the short time we have used it.

Previously the wounds had become static through the healing process. All of these wounds had been static in nature with no significant improvement for at least one month.

Since initiating the light therapy treatments the wounds have decreased visually within one week and have continued to do so weekly.

Due to the significant nature and severity of the wounds, although they have not completely resolved yet, one wound has almost healed, with the other wounds progressing quickly.

In addition we have been using the 3B laser unit as a non surgical option for patients with morton's neuroma and digital neuritis.

Again patient's have reported significant improvements in their level of pain after a few sessions.

We are finding the use of the laser unit to be a very positive and easy experience from the view of operators and from patients.


Melanie Kay
Orthopaedic Podiatrist

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