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Lots of happy THOR customer testimonials
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Below is a selection of testimonials from our customers and course attendees. For a broader range of testimonials from customers and patients, we post more on our Blog under the Testimonials Category

Course Testimonials

"An excellent Photobiomodulation course thanks James. Loved the entire course."

Joe Meng, Dentist Joe Meng
Missoula MT, USA

"Class was amazing!!!!!! I honestly would like to take that again! I absolutely loved this class, my limited experience with my THOR Laser, Sarajane's help and the amazing potential to help people! I am so excited about THOR and Photobiomodulation Therapy!!!"

Dawn Strohschein DDS Dawn Strohschein DDS
Doctor of Dental Surgery
Gillette WY, USA

"The training course was extremely thorough in reviewing papers and uses, I am WOW'd! Thank you for everything, your dedication and passion is so appreciated. Great first day of my learning journey in this space :)"

Chelsea Pinto, DDS Chelsea Pinto, DDS
Los Angeles CA, USA

"I like the course information from the research, the testimonies, and the humor. I am so grateful for this dedication to treatment through a more natural means. Thank you all for working so many years to bring this to those in pain, with wounds and more."

Leslie Sugianto, Registered Nurse Leslie Sugianto
Registered Nurse
Longmont CO, USA

"Really enjoyed and benefited from this training. For something remote this was excellent. Ticked all the boxes for me. Thanks so much. Very engaging and covered all the science as well as the practical side of treatment. Thank you so much."

Fiona McMichen, Endodontist Fiona McMichen
Farnham Surrey, UK

"The 8 hour course with James was excellent. I have an interest in learning more about PBM and how to help my cardiovascular patients. This course explained the basic mechanisms how PBM work via improving energy production from the mitochondria. Case reports and studies were provided. Questions were answered. Great course and highly recommended to all who want to learn more about PBM."

Michael Twyman, Physician (Cardiologist) Michael Twyman
Physician (Cardiologist)
Saint Louis MO, USA

"The training course covered all different aspects of PBM from basics, physics to clinical application and safety which was great! You have covered everything. It was a very well organised course with great presentation, slides and learning materials. Thank you!!!"

Dr. Reza Modarres, MD, FRACGP Dr. Reza Modarres, MD, FRACGP
Musculoskeletal Doctor
Queensland, Australia

"Extremely good presenter, very knowledgeable and personable, very enjoyable. Breaks were nicely spaced out so never too long of trying to concentrate. Left feeling very enthused about the Photobiomodulation topic."

Dr. Bethany Fitzmaurice, MBChB FRCA Dr. Bethany Fitzmaurice
Birmingham, UK

"The training was incredible. Beyond my expectations regarding how organized and well delivered it was. James's ability to teach in a clear way was absolutely great! He is an excellent teacher!"

Dr. Dalia Niknam, Dentist Dr. Dalia Niknam
Los Alamitos CA, USA

"The THOR training course that I attended last week was an unforgettable experience in every aspect. I've learned a lot of new and useful things for my daily practice. James was wonderful and managed to maintain our attention throughout the training. I recommend it to all those fascinated by laser applications in PBM. This training is worth it."

Bogdan Crisan DMD, Phd, Msc Bogdan Crisan DMD, Phd, Msc
Oral Surgeon
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

"The course was full of information, well organized with good references. It is easily a training that can be given over two days. So much to discuss although it was well condensed, I enjoyed every bit of it. It was an amazing training overall, can't wait to meet James in person. Thank you."

Lea Rahayel - Dentist Lea Rahayel
Montreal, Canada

"Fabulous presentation and wise, experienced, well versed speaker. So grateful to you James. Exceptional. Appreciate the late night for you and accommodating other time zones. Thank you. Love the custom option of asking questions prior to the course. All of my questions were answered. Thank you again. So grateful to have found you and your team. Many thanks. Like 1000."

Wendy St. Cyr RDHBS Wendy St. Cyr RDHBS
Petaluma CA, USA

"Simply, the best lecture on PBM in the world I have found. The mechanism of action is clearly described with understandable accuracy. Mr. Carroll is entertaining, informative and precise. I highly recommend his presentation for all clinicians interested in advancing their clinical potential using lasers and LED treatments."

David S Peterson DDS, FAGD David S Peterson DDS, FAGD
Utah, USA

"THOR training was tremendous. I was literally saving lives while in training, by texting my staff as how to use the LX2 that arrived the day of my departure (thanks to Mark Granic-one of the best reps I have ever dealt with.)"

Paul Perrier, DVM Paul Perrier, DVM
Terry Animal Hospital
Rockville, New York, USA

"As Jane O'Connor, Osteopath in Leamington Spa, said: If there's someone who knows everything about laser therapy it's James! I found the course useful to understand the principles of laser therapy. It also gave me a wide perspective of actual and future applications of laser. Of course there will still be a lot to learn as I start using this technology in my patients. James is a lively speaker."

Dr Minnie Freudenthal Dr Minnie Freudenthal
Medical Doctor
Lisbon, Portugal

"James Carroll is a fantastic orator. The online training course was interactive and evidence based, the presentation slides where amazing."

Ladan Basiripour MA, DMD, FACD, FICD Ladan Basiripour MA, DMD, FACD, FICD
Washington DC, USA

"Really the course with James Carroll and THOR Photomedicine, was excepcional. I think that James Carroll is the best ambassador of Photobiomodulation therapy. Thanks for all yours teachings. Totally recommend it for all medical specialities."

María Jesús Pérez Rodríguez - Dentist María Jesús Pérez Rodríguez
Zamora, Spain

"Comprehensive and clear lecture. A lot of literature about the wide range of applications. Good location and well organized. Gifted speaker."

Beatrijs Deruyter, LTH, MSc, PhDs Beatrijs Deruyter, LTH, MSc, PhDs
Private Dental Practice
Liedekerke, Belgium

"Excellent and interesting course. James was a great presenter, both very knowledgeable and very witty, which made for a delightful day!"

Gregory H Wolf, MD Gregory H Wolf, MD
Primary Care Doctor, Family Practitioner
Orange CA, USA

"Really enjoyed the training day - extremely informative and James Carroll is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable presenter - I will definitely come on this again and bring all the staff as well !!"

John Rose B.Sc (Hons) Optometry & Visual Sciences John Rose B.Sc (Hons) Optometry & Visual Sciences
John Rose Eyecare
Surrey, UK

"The seminar last Sunday in Austin was excellent. I learned tons and am so excited to use my laser to it's fullest capacity. I will be ordering the 810nm probe soon. I would very much like to attend another seminar so I can get more out of the volume of information presented. Thank you again!"

Marty Henderson, DVM Marty Henderson, DVM
SonoVet, Inc
New Braunfels, TX, USA

"Thank you for the recent Training Course conducted in Sydney. This was the fourth training course that I have attended and I was not disappointed. James Carroll provided an engaging and interactive exposition of the principles and application of Photobiomodulation Therapy. It was a pleasing opportunity to reflect on the significant expansion in research and treatment protocol development. As one who has adopted this technology and uses THOR equipment, I do not hesitate to recommend the devices as serviceable and effective."

Kevin Hole, General Dentist Kevin Hole
General Dentist
NSW, Australia

"The training course was excellent and delivered the right amount of material. It also served as an excellent foundation for further study on the topic of photobiomodulation. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of using PBM in their practice."

Val Finnell, MD, MPH Val Finnell, MD, MPH
Sto-Rox Neighborhood Family Health Council, Inc.
McKees Rocks, PA, USA

"The instruction and detail were so impressive at the last meeting from James, it prompted me to try out PBM for myself in my own general practice. I am looking forward to attending the presentation from James later this month in Melbourne to improve my skills, as I plan to open a new Clinic dedicated to targeting pain with Laser therapy alone in the very near future. I am also very interested to hear of the benefits the whole body pod has to offer, while exploring new applications of PBMT. Keep up the good work in updating the professions on this very valuable and exciting treatment modality."

Nigel Foenander, Medical GP Nigel Foenander
General Practitioner
Melbourne, Australia

"The THOR user training seminar provided a great balance of background science, clinical studies, and hands-on practice with plenty of time for stimulating conversation and brainstorming about future directions. I am sure that my therapists and I will have every chance for success in taking this amazing modality to our patients in need, thanks to Mr. Carroll's teaching."

Wally Taylor, MD Wally Taylor, MD
Texas Integrative Medicine
Austin, TX, USA

"I had a WONDERFUL time at the course and learned exactly what I expected to learn... Thanks for letting me and my colleagues be a part of the wonderful day of learning!"

Dawn Gleason, DVM, CCRP Dawn Gleason, DVM, CCRP
Reno, USA

"The THOR presentation was well done and I was pleased with the training. There is nothing like getting training from the top expert in the Low Level Laser field! The event focused on our needs, and was amazed by the broad number of applications of PBM. The food was greatly appreciated! It was nice to meet others who were focused on optimal treatments."

Dr. Jim Roach M.D. Dr. Jim Roach M.D.
Integrative Medicine physician
Kentucky, USA

"As usual, another great meeting/course. Latest info on PBM provided. It reinforces my data base/use of the LED/Laser. More uses for PBM explored. I am using the THOR device for more problems. Am having great results treating peripheral neuropathy and postherpetic pain. Spine and knees doing well too."

Dr. Eric Bugna, MD Dr. Eric Bugna, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Portola, CA, USA

"The course was above my expectations. I didn't expect this kind of knowledge. The lecturer is keen, meticulous, and definitely knows what he is talking about. He illustrated elegantly the pros and cons of laser therapy from a professional point of view. I studied a few articles and books on laser before I subscribed to the PBM course by THOR, but I learned so much more information that I couldn't find anywhere. I highly recommend this course for anyone serious about learning laser physics and therapeutic applications."

Dr Jarrah Al-Tubaikh Dr Jarrah Al-Tubaikh
Consultant Radiologist
Sabah Hospital, Kuwait

"My last training course was a refresher and was very informative for new information as the uses for my THOR unit keep expanding. I brought two people to the course and they both were very impressed. I will continue to avail myself of this continuing education as it keeps me abreast of new discoveries."

Dr Steven L Steakley, DDS Dr Steven L Steakley, DDS
Dentist, Oral Surgeon
Florida, USA

"Well done. The speaker was very knowledgeable and answered everyone's questions. As a course attendee you could not have asked for anything more. Again well done."

Dr. Ralph Stefani Dr. Ralph Stefani
Dentist, Oral Surgeon
Vancouver, BC Canada

"I attended the THOR training day. I found it extremely useful and informative. Mr. James Carroll is very eminent in the field of photobiomodulation. I enjoyed the interaction and the discussion with the group. I thoroughly recommend this course for clinicians who have a great interest in photobiomodulation."

Dr Reem Hanna BDS, LDS, RCS (Eng) Dr Reem Hanna BDS, LDS, RCS (Eng)
Associate Specialist in Oral Surgery/ Specialist oral surgeon
King's College Hospital, London, UK

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone."

Dr. Darius Bain Dr. Darius Bain
Medical GP
Nassau, Bahamas

"The training course that I took last year in Chicago was outstanding. James Carroll does an excellent job of presenting the key elements of photobiomodulation in an entertaining and informative manner. I've been working in this area of research for 15 years and I learned much in this course. I would take it again."

Janis Eells Janis Eells
Professor & Graduate Program Director
PBM researcher for NASA, USA

"I was very impressed with James' lecture as always. I always come away with many new ideas and uses of PBM."

Dr. John Hendy DDS MS Dr. John Hendy DDS MS
Aesthetic Laser Dentistry
Oregon, USA

"I just attended the THOR training session in the SF Bay Area. It neatly answered my questions as to safety and efficacy of Class 3b lasers, and their appropriateness for my practice goals. I was extrememly impressed with the speakers knowledge of relevant clinical trials."

Carolynn Harvey Dr Carolynn Harvey, DVM
Chabot Veterinary Clinic, USA

"I went to this course to hear James Carroll. He is a passionate speaker with an excellent grasp of his material. Thanks for your dedication to and the teaching you do concerning this modality."

Ron Riegel, DVM Ron Riegel, DVM
Ohio, USA

"I thoroughly enjoyed the THOR training course last month and would highly recommend it to others. Very informative and excellent presentation! When we are in the market for a second laser, THOR is at the top of my list! Thanks!"

Penny Radostits Penny Radostits
RAHT, CCRP (Veterinary Profession)
Crestwood Veterinary Centre, Canada

"Course was fantastic, materials were very well put together for a wide variety of clinicians at different levels of care. As a physician I look forward to seeing how this technology can enhance rehabilitation practice to conditions that have few or no currently viable treatments."

Luke Kane, D.O. Luke Kane, D.O.
NYU Dept. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
New York, USA

"This is the second time I have attended the PBMT training course as I brought my new Licensed Practical Nurse so she could get the training. I was impressed by all the new and current research material that James Carroll presented. He presented well, with lots of humor and made himself available to answer questions. This time he gave the demonstration on how to use the LX2 unit properly – which was much appreciated.

It is an excellent, well thought-out course and the lunch provided was great with a number of gluten-free choices. Having lunch on-site allowed for more time in discussion with other attendees and staff. Since the training, we have increasingly used the PBMT in the Integrative/Functional Medicine practice. There is no shortage of suffering people who do benefit greatly from the THOR LX2 PBMT technology."

John Cline MD John Cline MD
Medical GP
Nanaimo, Canada

"Fabulously interesting course bringing advances in holistic approach of pain relief and swelling management. This was a very interactive course which I feel is the best way to learn. Very informative and well presented day. An absolute delight to meet so many professionals from such a diverse spectrum of life all working towards the same goal."

Mrs Eileen (Dee) Stringer Mrs Eileen (Dee) Stringer
Registered nurse & Lymphoedema therapist
Kent, UK

Training course information

Product Testimonials

"I have been using lasers in my dental practice for more than 10 years now, and THOR is my latest addition. After completing the excellent remote training with James Carroll, I started using PMB on TMD cases, and the results have been immediate. The patients are very happy with the rapid remission of their symptoms. I am looking forward to using PMB in a variety of clinical situations in my office."

Dr. Elizabeth Munteanu D.D.S. Dr. Elizabeth Munteanu D.D.S.
Toronto ON, Canada

"We are having great results from our THOR equipment. The week before last I had a chap in who's had knee problems for ever and has only been able to ski half days since his last operation 4 years ago. I used THOR Giant Laser Cluster (GLC) on him (as well as some other stuff) before he went off skiing last week and he came in yesterday to tell me he was able to ski for full days all last week for the first time in about 4 years!!!… and asking for "a top up" before he heads back out on Saturday.

He was convinced it was due to the GLC – but I had encouraged him to use NovoTHOR a few times before he went out too so I presume it was a bit of both."

Philip Baines, Owner/Chiropractor Philip Baines
Active Care Chiropractic

"I have been using the THOR Laser for 25 years.. I found the course a very useful update on the clinical use. I have purchased a second machine for my practice."

Alfie Mannion, Medical Doctor Alfie Mannion
Medical Doctor
Donegal, Ireland

"I have had my THOR Laser for four months and so far have treated countless TMJ patients, three oral mucositis patients and a few xerostomia patients. All of them feel instant effects and rave about the results. This has been one of the most amazing pieces of technology I have introduced into my practice. I definitely recommend it for every dental office."

Dr. Jennifer Waters, DDS Dr. Jennifer Waters, DDS
Clear Creek Dental Clinic
Colorado, USA

"We love this unit so much we just ordered a second one to keep up with demand! I've waited a while to purchase a unit. I really love this one! Fabulous engineering. Super simple to use. Thanks!!!"

Richard Palmquist, DVM Richard Palmquist, DVM
Centinela Animal Hospital, Inc
Inglewood, CA, USA

"Fantastic treatment system. Every GP should have one. Cost effective for patient and doctor."

Dr Chris Millar MBBS Dr. Chris Millar MBBS
Ballarat Mind-Body Medicine
Victoria, Australia

"I have used my THOR Laser for about six months. The improvement in patients pain and rapidity of healing is substantial. This laser is on many times each day and is a mainstay for any traumatic treatment that we must do as well as an aid for a patients chronic pain that, many times, patients were told that they must live with. I would no longer feel comfortable practicing without a good low level laser. The THOR unit is definitely the 'big boy' of PBM."

Dr. Richard F. Marz, DDS Dr. Richard F. Marz, DDS
Statesboro, GA, USA

"We just purchased our unit and am very pleased with the product. It is in use throughout the day. I always have questions! Your support is great answering my queries quickly and backed by science. Which is largely why we chose your product over your competition. I hope to see THOR presenting at more major veterinary conferences. We need to know the science!"

Kimberly Juhlin, DVM Kimberly Juhlin, DVM
Vale Park Animal Hospital
Valparaiso, IN, USA

"It is simple to use, very cost-effective in terms of finance and time, and comes in its own case for easy transport between patients. It is used in conjunction with the patient's dressing regime."

Lydia Jack RGN BSc Lydia Jack RGN BSc
Tissue Viability Nurse
Inverclyde Hospital, UK

"I have been using THOR Laser in my clinic with amazing results! Many people called me after a news segment aired wanting to know more about the Laser and how it can help with their chronic pain. Big thanks to THOR Laser Photomedicine for creating this piece of medical equipment which has bought a lot of relief to many of my patients that have been using it. Everyone wants a speedy recovery, to get better fast, but not every intervention can work this fast! I am glad to help them improve their Quality of life."

Justin Kalopa Justin Kalopa
Musculoskeletal Podiatrist
Melbourne, Australia

"I purchased a THOR Laser in January, it is a miracle device - I am getting great results."

Albert Skocik, DC Dr. Albert Skocik, DC
Skocik Chiropractic PC
Harrisburg, PA, USA

"Love the THOR. Have been using it since November 2012.
Use it primarily for work injuries, sprain/strain, but have applied it to many conditions, skin, depression, TBI, warts, etc. Looking forward to learning more and using it more. The THOR was a great investment and easily the most versatile and effective product on the market. Thanks for a great product!!"

RediMedi Clinic Glenn R. Hoey, ND
Naturopathic Physician
RediMedi Clinic and House Calls, USA

"Our preliminary experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The THOR device is very simple to use and is quite predictable in its function and effect. Wounds are healing more rapidly than, we have noted, in work with other devices, although the wounds were already healing we believe that PBM applied using the appropriate parameters/dosimetry are an important adjunct. This technology is best applied to patients early; that is, to treat them at the first sign of a wound or injury. We are continuing our clinical and laboratory investigations aimed at elucidating the mechanisms and utility of photobiomodulation in humans."

Raymond J. Lanzafame, MD MBA FACS Raymond J. Lanzafame, MD PLLC.
General Surgeon
New York, USA

"I have really been enjoying using my laser. I find it easy to use and compact. I like the fact that it is very mobile so that I can easily use it on home visits. I have had success with acute lower back pain, pain relief from, eg broken ribs, lymphoedema, and pain associated with chronic ulcers. I have set up my whole business on the use of this laser, and also Manual Lymphatic Drainage as I like to maintain some hands-on contact, and the business is building up very nicely."

Marie van der Kwaak, RN Marie van der Kwaak, RN
Registered Nurse
Northland, New Zealand

"I use my laser for just about everything I can do in dentistry. The laser also saves money as assistant is able to do it and I don't have to spend as much for anesthetic and needles.

For about half of my patients, I use it instead of needles. For extraction I use it to prevent post-op pain and swelling, for root canals I use it to prevent post-op pain, I treat neuropathic pain, facial pain, soft tissue lesions, etc. It gives faster and better intergation of implants, plus plenty of other uses. Everyone you treat are like your disciples.

I have been practicing dentistry since 1971 and using low level lasers since 1993 so to lose my lasers today, it would be so dramatic that I wouldn't be able to practise without them."

Dr. Gerry Ross, DDS Dr. Gerry Ross, DDS
Dentist focuses on treating facial pain
Toronto, Canada

"We have been using PBM for about 15 years and mainly use it for pain management and healing. I feel it makes me a better dentist as can help my patients more."

Dr. Rita Darbar, DOrth RCS Dr. Rita Darbar, DOrth RCS
Specialist Orthodontist
Bedfordshire, UK

"I have been using lasers for about 14 years and low level about 7-8 years.

PBM reduces the stress on the practise and the patients. It saves teeth instead of losing teeth.

My advice to dentists who are thinking about it is to talk to people who use it. Every dentist should be using low level lasers because it's best for their patients. Dentists not using it, is really just from a lack of knowledge."

Dr. Larry Kotlow, DDS Dr. Larry Kotlow, DDS
Pediatric Dentist
Albany, NY, USA

"I use Laser on wounds, tendon injuries and back problems... I use it in the very acute situations immediately, once bleeding has stopped, on any knocks or cuts... Laser has an advantage over ultrasound where gaining contact is difficult (i.e. on animals where clipping the hair is inappropriate). As a busy, mobile physio mainly treating animals in "non- clinic" situations I find the compact THOR Laser is the easiest form of electrotherapy to apply."

Anna Johnson Anna Johnson
M.C.S.P., S.R.P., Grad Dip Phys., ACPAT Member
British 3 Day Event Team Physio

"From pain relief to resolving inflammation to healing tendons, ligaments, fractures and muscle injuries we have used THOR Lasers on our horses.

We have taken our machine to every major event since we purchased the unit some years ago and today we recommend THOR as the company who can offer the best equipment and education to riders, owners and trainers all of levels with in the equine world.

Their customer service and ability to train our staff to be confident in treating horses with the laser has been hugely helpful to us when at a major event like the Olympics, where we could rely on our grooms to conduct treatments allowing us to focus on other tasks."

Karen and David O'Connor Karen & David O'Connor
O'Connor eventing team

"I use THOR Lasers because of there handy size and safe use around horses. Due to the compact portable units, horses can be treated in their usual environment. This helps keep the horse quiet and allows us to work safely and efficiently, which means I get the best possible results."

Gabriela Briner
Equine Sports Massage Therapy (ESMT)

"It is a pleasure to recommend the THOR Laser. I have been a client for two years. I purchased a THOR Laser and it has been under extensive use. I find it superior to any other laser available for the type of therapy I employ. I certainly appreciate the support that you offer after the sale, this is oftentimes forgotten with others...Thanks."

H.L. Mitchell, DVM
Bristow Veterinary Clinic, L.L.C.

"I have intended to write for some time to let you know that I am very pleased with my THOR Laser. So far it is the best investment that I have made for my practice.

My practice is over 95% equine with some small animal. Approximately 80% of my practice is alternative therapy- ie, chiropractic and acupuncture. By far the majority of my work is with musculoskeletal problems. I use the THOR Laser daily and have seen excellent responses to a number of situations such as suspensory desmitis, tendonitis, various joint and soft tissue injuries, wounds and creating acupuncture points.

The small animal part of my practice is limited to alternative therapy. I use far fewer needles now and in many cases use no needles at all, instead using only the THOR Laser. I have had very positive responses to V disc injuries, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and various neurological problems. Both equine and small animal patients seem to enjoy the treatments and virtually all patients become very relaxed when treated. I would like to thank you for everything, This machine is certainly a valuable asset for my practice."

Darrel R. Kramer, DVM

"I am an equine veterinary practitioner who utilizes acupuncture extensively in my practice. We also do rehabilitation cases utilizing a number adjunctive therapies in a holistic approach.

I have utilized laser and infra-red emitting diodes for acupuncture work and tissue repair since 1990. I have always been frustrated with the time required to transmit an adequate dose. The THOR Laser has solved that frustration... Results of treatment with the THOR Laser have been very rewarding and I can, with good conscience, recommend the product."

Kerry J. Ridgway, DVM Kerry J. Ridgway, DVM
Institute for Equine Therapeutic Options
South Carolina, USA

"The THOR Laser has been of great benefit in the treatment of pain. We primarily treat horses, dogs and cats with acupuncture. Several times there have been acupuncture points that these animals would not allow us to treat with needles. It is at these times that we have used the THOR Laser. Before now, other lasers have not provided enough stimulation to treat the acupuncture points. The THOR Laser does provide enough power and has been very effective in treating acupuncture points.

Locally, it has been very beneficial in treating myofascial pain that was resistant to acupuncture. Overall, this instrument has allowed me to take the care for my patients to a higher level. I would not want to practice without it."

Kevin May, D.V.M Kevin May, DVM
El Cajon Valley Veterinary Hospital

"One of the biggest decisions when purchasing a laser is Class III or Class IV. We have another company's Class IV laser at work and I have a THOR Laser for my mobile acupuncture practice.  After using both, I have found that the THOR (Class IIIb laser and LED combo) is more gentle, more effective, and most importantly safe to use under circumstances where laser is contraindicated, such as active bleeding or over the eye.  

I use PBM (photobiomodulation) in both acupuncture and veterinary emergency settings. The LED promotes healing and reduces inflammation, while the laser probe is used primarily at nerve roots and trigger points to relieve pain. Laser/LED combination therapy provides pain relief and has a calming effect prior to acupuncture treatment. I have found that patients tolerate needles much better after PBM, and the effect of treatment is enhanced and prolonged when combined with laser therapy.

In the emergency setting, the LED cluster has been indispensable. I use it to promote healing, reduce inflammation and prevent infection after surgical repair of traumatic injury, to reduce swelling of joints, for any inflammatory condition involving the eye and many other applications. We recently used the LED to treat a severe snakebite wound, which significantly reduced swelling and tissue necrosis compared to similar injury without treatment. Without the LED cluster, we could not have applied laser therapy directly to the affected tissue due to severe venom-induced coagulopathy.

I highly recommend the THOR system for its quality, durability, portability and versatility. In my opinion, there is no better PBM unit available anywhere. Now that I have one, I can't imagine working without it."  

Living Balance Veterinary Acupuncture
Denver, CO, USA

"The use of THOR Lasers in our practice has brought a new dimension to the treatment of degenerative disc disease, chronic osteoarthritis and a multitude of other medical and surgical conditions in both canine and feline patients. Our client's acceptance and compliance has exceeded all expectations as they welcome the presence of an innovative and effective technology that reduces the dependency on traditional anti-inflammatory agents. The use of THOR Lasers in our practice continues to expand as we discover additional uses almost daily."

Ronald E. Hirschberg Ronald E. Hirschberg, DVM
Brockton Animal Hospital
Brockton, MA, USA

"Guide Dogs for the Blind were over the moon with how well the laser worked on one of their retired dogs, which I treated in Boston Spa 3 years ago, and they wanted to know where I went to work next in case they needed my THOR again."

Helen O'Kelly BVSc MRCVS Helen O'Kelly, BVSc MRCVS
Rae, Bean & Partners Boroughbridge
BSAVA NE Secretary

"I have just treated a fractured clavicle for a concert violinist. After 2 treatments a week for just over 3 weeks, we had complete resolution, no pain and full range of shoulder movement in under 4 weeks. Also treated a fractured rib in a 60 year old, and after 4 treatments in 10 days, the patient was symptom free. I have been using a THOR Laser for over 15 years and it STILL never ceases to amaze me."

Jane O'Connor Jane O'Connor
The Osteopathic Practice, UK

"Nurses who treat wounds should have access to PBM equipment. It would be a cost effective method of improving the quality of life of many patients."

Prof. Mary Dyson PhD FCSP(Hon) FAIUM(Hon) LHD(Hon) Prof. Mary Dyson, PhD FCSP(Hon) FAIUM(Hon) LHD(Hon)
Former Editor, Grays Anatomy
Head of Tissue Repair research Guys Hospital, UK

"It's been a year that I have been using my THOR Laser. I am very happy with the results with my patients. It is a great tool for healing and patient satisfaction. Thank you for THOR."

Dr William Martin Dr William Martin, D.C.
Martin Chiropractic Clinic
Florida, USA

"Just a note to let you know how fantastic the THOR Laser system is!!! Dr. Macdonald and I love it and so far results have been amazing. Thank you!!"

Dr Elizabeth Walker Dr Elizabeth Walker
Sports Chiro

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Our customers include: Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, British Army, RAF, Royal Navy, Team GB, Manchester United, MIT, Harvard School of Public Health, Cedars Sinai, City of Hope, USUHS
THOR Customers

THOR Photomedicine Ltd is an ISO 13485:2016 certified medical device company.

The THOR LX2.3 Photobiomodulation system has a medical CE mark (EC certificate). It is indicated for oral mucositis, tendinopathies, joint pain, neck pain and back pain for marketing in the UK, EU and Australia.

The THOR LX2.3 Photobiomodulation system is also FDA Cleared for marketing in the United States for: Temporary increase in local blood circulation, temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains and stiffness and relaxation of muscles; for muscle spasms, and minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.

Excluding the THOR LED Helmet, THOR LX2 and NovoTHOR systems are manufactured under conditions fulfilling the quality system requirements of Annex II, excluding (4), of the directive 93/42/EEC as amended and satisfy the applicable international harmonised standards.

Positive systematic reviews published by:

The British Medical Journal (BMJ), The Lancet, the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC), the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)

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