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  • Seattle Symposium: October 2015
  • LLLT Training courses:
  • USA: Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, Boston, Orlando, Houston
  • UK: Edinburgh, Newcastle, London, Basingstoke
  • Australia: Melbourne, Sydney
  • New Zealand: Auckland
  • Conferences: 2 in USA, 1 in Norway
  • Testimonials from our happy customers

Seattle Symposium

Seattle map Friday, October 16th, 2015: Many of the world's leading LLLT / PBM scientists will be presenting overviews of their work compressed into a single day. If you are in the North West USA then this is a rare opportunity to hear them close to home.

  • Clark Tedford PhD - Lumithera: Host and introduction
  • James Carroll - THOR, What is LLLT / PBM & where is it going?
  • Prof Juanita Anders - US Navy: Chair
  • Prof Micheal Hamblin - Harvard: PBM for Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Prof Janis Ells - UWM: PBM for Ocular Diseases
  • Prof. Praveen Arany - UB: PBM in Dentistry
  • Dr Graham Merry - PBM: Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  • Major General Gale Pollock (Ret) Former US Army Surgeon General
  • Congressman Norman Dicks (Ret) will be opening the day

The theme is "Advances in Medicine with Photobiomodulation"

Former Congressman Norman Dicks will provide opening remarks and Retired Major General Gale Pollock, former acting Surgeon General of the U.S. Army will provide a keynote speech on "Vision Impairment, A Cause Worth Fighting For".

World-class clinicians and researchers will provide updates in the fields of skeletal muscle pain and arthritis, dentistry, ophthalmology, brain injury and disease. Learn how Photobiomodulation can provide a non-invasive approach for medical conditions. Network with the hosts LumiThera and others in the advancing field of light therapies.

LumiThera is a development stage medical device company created by a team of founder physicians, scientists and engineers experienced in photobiomodulation (PBM) fields for ocular diseases and disorders. LumiThera is at the forefront in the development of PBM treatment protocols for dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). AMD is the leading cause of blindness in the developed world and it seems likely to me that this will be the first application of PBM to become a reimbursed routine medical procedure.

The venue location is at the Clearwater Resort, Salmon Hall, 15347 Suquamish Way NE, Suquamish, Washington 98392, USA

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THOR Training dates and cities:

At THOR we study LLLT relentlessly (had you noticed?). We use our knowledge to develop our training, treatments and products. Come see what we have learned since your last training. Now available with Continuing Medical / Dental Education credits.

  • What is the difference between the anti-inflammatory effects of LLLT, the healing and the analgesic mechanisms?
  • Have you thought about treating lymphatics?
  • Are you de-activating trigger points (and how does that work!)?
  • How much LLLT is enough, how much is too much?
  • Joules or J/cm2 - which is the right way to express dose and how is it calculated?
  • Lasers or LEDs, red or infrared wavelengths, high or low power density, pulsed or continuous?
  • Treatment times and treatment intervals and when to expect a result.
  • Safety, contraindications, adverse effects, regulations and reimbursement

It seems like a lot to learn in one day but we use videos, cartoons and a 50 page illustrated book to help you so, very little note-taking is required. A certificate of attendance is provided.

Discounts for groups, repeat attendees and early registration.

Sun, 6 Dec 2015 Dallas TX USA
Sat, 9 Jan 2016 Edinburgh UK
Sun, 10 Jan 2016 Newcastle UK
Sat, 30 Jan 2016 Melbourne Australia
Sun, 31 Jan 2016 Sydney Australia
Tue, 2 Feb 2016 Auckland New Zealand
Mon, 15 Feb 2016 San Francisco CA USA
Tue, 16 Feb 2016 Los Angeles CA USA
Sat, 20 Feb 2016 London UK
Thu, 10 Mar 2016 Atlanta GA USA
Fri, 11 Mar 2016 Denver CO USA
Sat, 19 Mar 2016 Basingstoke UK
Fri, 1 Apr 2016 Boston MA USA
Wed, 13 Apr 2016 Orlando FL USA
Sat, 23 Apr 2016 Houston TX USA

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International Conferences

2016 Feb 13-18 SPIE Photonics West 2016 San Francisco, CA USA
2016 Mar 30-Apl 3 ASLMS Annual Conference 2016 Boston, MA USA
2016 Sept 16-17 International Laser Medical Congress 2016 Sandvika Norway

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Testimonials from THOR happy customers

Dr. Eric Bugna, MD "As usual, another great meeting/course. Latest info on LLLT provided. It reinforces my data base/use of the LED/Laser. More uses for LLLT explored. I am using the Thor device for more problems. Am having great results treating peripheral neuropathy and postherpetic pain. Spine and knees doing well too."

Dr. Eric Bugna, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon
Portola, CA, USA

Janis Eells "The training course that I took last year in Chicago was outstanding. James Carroll does an excellent job of presenting the key elements of photobiomodulation in an entertaining and informative manner. I've been working in this area of research for 15 years and I learned much in this course. I would take it again."

Janis Eells
Professor & Graduate Program Director
LLLT researcher for NASA, USA

Dr. Jim Roach M.D. "The Thor presentation was well done and I was pleased with the training. There is nothing like getting training from the top expert in the Low Level Laser field! The event focused on our needs, and was amazed by the broad number of applications of LLLT. The food was greatly appreciated! It was nice to meet others who were focused on optimal treatments."

Dr. Jim Roach M.D.
Integrative Medicine physician
Kentucky, USA

Dr. Jennifer Waters, DDS "I have had my Thor laser for four months and so far have treated countless TMJ patients, three oral mucositis patients and a few xerostomia patients. All of them feel instant effects and rave about the results. This has been one of the most amazing pieces of technology I have introduced into my practice. I definitely recommend it for every dental office."

Dr. Jennifer Waters, DDS
Clear Creek Dental Clinic
Colorado, USA

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Founder / CEO
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