Taking care of your equipment

THOR equipment should be serviced at least once a year (or every 6 months if the equipment is in constant use). For fault finding purposes, we strongly recommend that probes and control units are sent together.

We aim to complete services and repairs within 4–5 working days, excluding shipping to and from US service centre.

Please note, we are currently experiencing a large volume of equipment in for service and turn around (excluding shipping) is currently 2–3 weeks. We will keep this turn around time updated.
It has been necessary to upgrade our choice of product maintenance contractors, however, they require test equipment and training before they can accept THOR products. The estimated availability of the new service center is mid 2024.

If you need work done urgently we will perform the work in the UK and will cover additional shipping costs. Due to the extra distance and workload at the UK facility, turn around time will be longer. If you are in a hurry, please contact us using the service booking form below.

Standard annual service

If a standard annual service has been requested, it will be carried out once we have received your equipment. Any faults identified during the service will be reported to you along with a quote for our recommended repairs.

More information

Survey and Repair

When a repair has been requested, a survey will be conducted and we will provide a quote for any recommended work. Repairs will be performed once we have received your authorisation to proceed

About surveys and repairs


Full shipping and packing details will be included in a follow up email. If you prefer we can arrange shipping both to and from our service centre.

To avoid delay, please print/write the service reference number on the box.

Please note goods are shipped to and from our repair centre at your own risk unless you ask us to arrange transport and agree, in writing, to grant THOR Photomedicine Ltd responsibility for your equipment whilst it is in shipment and under our control.

To accept this option, you must select THOR arrange shipping on the booking form which will give THOR your authorisation.

Standard service

THOR’s standard service is a set of rigorous tests and adjustments (where appropriate) for a control unit and accompanying probes.

A Standard Service includes testing of output power and wavelength of probes and of a control unit and power meter (where fitted). All control units are tested and adjusted according to their original test standards.

A Standard Service also includes minor repairs to various functions and parts, such as insulation and earthing, as well as inspection and replacement of probe labels as necessary.

Survey and repair

Surveys are used for fault finding and usually last for appx. 1 hour, during which a functionality test is completed.

The charge for the survey is waived if a Standard Service or Repair is authorised.

You will be invoiced for all service and repairs authorised. Once payment has been received THOR will arrange return of your equipment.

Price list

Standard Service (DD2)
from USD $420.00
Standard Service (all other units)
from USD $350.00
Survey *
USD $70.00
from USD $70.00
from USD $70.00

* Survey fees are waived if a repair or service is authorised.