Post Ablation Recovery (fibroid / endometrium)

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Unless otherwise stated; all treatment protocols in the THOR treatment library have no regulatory approval in any country and THOR have not tested them in controlled clinical trials for safety or efficacy, however these or similar protocols may have been used in some clinical trials by separate institutions.

These treatment protocols are not presented as a replacement for drugs, surgery or other therapy.

These protocols are based on our current understanding of the LLLT irradiation and dose parameters (wavelength, power, irradiance, time, pulses, energy, fluence and treatment targets) for improving tissue regeneration, reducing inflammation and inducing analgesia. These protocols are updated from time to time.

NEVER USE LASER on or near the eye (however you can use LED THROUGH CLOSED EYES).

You must apply your own professional clinical judgment as to whether LLLT is an appropriate treatment for your patient taking into account the safety and contraindications guidelines and the medical or other training you have had, only treating conditions you are trained to and insured to treat. Read contra-indications

Download protocol here: ANECDOTAL Post Ablation Recovery (fibroid / endometrium)

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